Use Freewriting to Develop Content Ideas for Blog

FREEWRITING: Blogger’s Writing Tool

If you are a Blogger or aspiring to be one, you need to Master the Art of ‘Freewriting’.

Mastering the art of Freewriting will help you quickly put down in your journal everything you know or comes to your mind about a topic that you want to blog about.

Tip on Freewriting

Freewriting: Art of getting thoughts on paper

If you have been blogging for a while or are thinking of blogging in near future, a time will come when you will encounter Blogger’s Block. It is same as writer’s block..

You have a topic but are stuck and don’t know –

  • What to write?
  • Where to begin?
  • How to begin?

Welcome to Freewriting!

“Freewriting is an activity that you do before you actually start writing your blog.

It’s basically a prewriting technique which has ‘generating new ideas’ as it’s main purpose.


  1. Produces raw material for your blog
  2. Helps overcome any sort of writer’s block
  3. You can use the raw material to kick start your writing on any topic rather than sitting and staring at the blank page


You don’t need to prepare for Freewriting. All you need is few sheets of blank paper and a good pen, and of course a topic.

You can also do Freewriting on your smart phone, laptop, iPad or even desktop. Make use of what works for you.

You are now ready to Rock and Roll!

Here’s what you need to do…

Sit down with a pen and your journal or blank sheets of papers. Write the topic on top and at the center of a blank page and then start writing whatever comes to your mind around your chosen topic.

Don’t stop…

Just keep your pen running on the journal. Keep writing anything and everything that crosses your mind on that topic.

Give yourself twenty minutes. In those twenty minutes you will do nothing except write on the chosen topic.

What you are doing is practicing speedwriting or quickwriting. Write as quickly as possible.

Focus on the content. Forget the form.

Get as many ideas on paper as possible. Don’t worry about quality, we will take care of quality at a later stage.

Just Write! Write! Write!

Here’s what I came up with when I started Freewriting on my Blog Topic – ‘Freewriting ‘.

“Freewriting is putting down all the thoughts that come to your mind on a particular topic. You don’t have to worry about grammar or even spelling mistakes. Forget writing in a sequence. You can neglect the order of your thoughts. Let words flow in random.

Freewriting is not going to be read by your readers – It is for your own reference – so no need to worry about writing correct language. Your writing should be understood by you – as long as you understand what you have written, it’s great. It’s all about putting those points on paper that you already know and can remember without referring to any book or notes.

What else can I write…what else can I write on Freewriting? Yeah got it…I can say Freewriting is also speedwriting or quick writing. You need to give yourself a time limit for your Freewriting, say about 20 to 30 minutes. Everyday for 30 days just write, write, and write. Forget about form and focus on content. Not every blogger may like the idea of Freewriting, that’s okay. Purpose is to create great content. What works best is successful strategy.”

Can you see that I am having fun creating random content for my blog?

After reading the above paragraph you might find few mistakes in it, or few sentences might appear out of order. That’s okay because it’s my Freewriting. One thing to be happy about is that now I have something to work on.

After writing the above paragraph I was no more worried about what should I write; where should I begin?

I had all the raw material that I needed to start my Blog.

During the course of my writing if I find that the material is not enough for a blog, I will go ahead and do some research to expand on the points that I have jotted down in my journal while Freewriting.

Not a rocket science, is it?


The aim of this blog was to provide a strategy for dealing with blogger’s or writer’s block.

Writing a blog is as much an art as it is a science.

Freewriting is an art where you let your mind run wild around a particular subject. Splash your blank page with random sentences creating a picture of your future blog.

As you start Freewriting a structure of your blog starts to emerge and take shape in your mind.

Freewriting, if used effectively can catapult your blogging career.

Having said that, whether to Freewrite or not is a personal choice. Not all bloggers will choose to do Freewriting. They are not comfortable with the idea and prefer to think for a good amount of time before they put pen to paper.

If you have never tried Freewriting and are in double mind whether to do Freewriting or not, I recommend that you start this activity as an experiment. Pick a topic and spend some time Freewriting on it. See if it is working for you. If yes then you can keep on developing on it and improving your Freewriting skill; if no then you can go ahead with what works best for you.

Remember, the ultimate aim is to create a blog that will impact your readers.

Whatever strategy you use, if it works for you and your readers it’s a successful strategy.

So, what effective steps do you follow when you get stuck while writing and face Blogger’s Block?

Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Take the next step…

So, now that you have got a grip on the art of Freewriting, it’s time to take the next step in becoming an awesome content creator.

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I believe that more than ‘Up-to-the-minute Management and Training Model’ what today’s success oriented individual require is someone to instigate them to think, to re-examine the way they work with a altogether fresh vision. This must be followed by a written plan to ACT on it.

Rakesh Prasad

I believe that more than ‘Up-to-the-minute Management and Training Model’ what today’s success oriented individual require is someone to instigate them to think, to re-examine the way they work with a altogether fresh vision. This must be followed by a written plan to ACT on it.

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