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Blogging makes money

Everyone says, Blogging Makes Money. But is there a Possibility for me to Make Money Blogging?

Are you a blogger who has been blogging for a long, long time and still wondering – Can I really make money blogging?

Since the advent of blogging more and more people are using the platform to do a lot of things. And monetisation of blogs, from where they can earn big money, has given them a hope to quit their routine job, come out of the rat race, and live a life of dreams. They are always on the look out for tips that will teach them how to be a blogger and how blogging makes money.

The experienced and expert bloggers who are making big money blogging are attracting newbies (inexperienced newcomers to blogging)to jump on to the bandwagon and start earning the kind of money they are earning.

The Path to Successful Blogging is as Simple as a Cake Walk

Successful bloggers don’t hide any thing. Some even disclose their income on their blog, not to boast, but to open their readers vision to the scope of starting their own blogging enterprise. These successful bloggers share their lifestyle that appears a distant dream to us. They don’t stop there, they are generous enough to whole heartedly share their secret in the form of simple and doable steps on how to create a blog and earn money, for anyone to follow and earn handsome money blogging.

This makes blogging a tempting venture to dive into. I too was tempted to take up blogging to create a lifestyle without everyday giving my 9 to 5 time to a job. Maybe you are also sailing in similar kind of boat.

These successful bloggers advocate the fact – blogging makes money.


Even when things are served in a platter for new aspirants to follow, most of the new bloggers are not able to kick start their income, forget earning big money.

The dilemma keeps on haunting them –

‘Can I really earn money blogging?’

Or ‘When will my blog start earning money for me?’

The answer to the first question still remains a BIG YES! Yes, you can really earn BIG MONEY blogging.

Blogging Makes Money!

As for the second question, the one thing that you need to focus on is –
How to create content that will work for you even when you are not working and earn you money while you sleep or play?

What we are striving to achieve here is, to create contents that can work for us as our employees and generate a continuous source of revenue for us. We should be able to remind ourselves – Yes! Blogging makes money.


Let’s dive in and see how we can focus on How so that When becomes just a matter of time.

Have You Ever Wondered What is this thing called Blog that you are getting Excited to Write and Make Money from?

Blogging is communicating with your readers using written words amply supported by pictures.

But the fact remains, if your writing is something nobody is interested in reading, then you can never see that money flowing into your bank account.

So, the ultimate skill that you need to develop to be a money earning blogger is to learn How to Write Interesting Content for Your Blog that Readers Are Willing to Read.

That’s it! Focus on this single skill and you are going to be good.

Please note that there are other technical aspects also that you need to fulfil for your blog to be popular, but that’s not the focus of this website as of now. So for now I am going to focus just on sharing how to create attractive and relevant contents for your blog.

  How To Write Interesting Blogs - The Begining

Before You Begin Your Actual Writing

Let us say you have already decided on the topic that you want to blog about and know what you are going to write on that particular topic. Now you are raring to hit the computer and start punching the keyboard.

Do you start blogging?

No, not yet!

If you really want to believe that Blogging Makes Money then , hold on to your horses. You cannot write in a manner or language that is comfortable to you. You need to prepare to deliver. Remember these three points –

*  Before you start writing your blog keep your objective in mind. What am I trying to convey through my blog post? Am I solving a problem, or giving them some facts? What am I doing?

*  When you write your blog never assume things to be obvious. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to your readers.

 Never use words or phrases that require your readers to sit with a dictionary to understand what you are trying to say.
Say to yourself – ‘Through my blog post I am going to deliver a message to my readers in a simple and effortless language. My readers won’t focus on my writing, but will concentrate on what I want to say.’

In short, you need to learn to write in a manner that –

Solves a problem
 • Is easy to understand
Is interesting to read

What I want to say is, your content should make you redundant. Your presence should not be required to explain what exactly do you want to say through your blog. Your blog should be self explanatory.

Don’t Pick up Already Available Content, and Do Some Cosmetic Changes in it and Call it Your Own.

The ocean of content available on the net and the ease with which we can ‘copy – paste’ things has made our lives easy. At the same time it has stopped our mind from thinking and coming out with our own ideas. We have become so habitual of using CONTROL C and CONTROL V that we knowingly or unknowingly copy someone else’s content and paste it on our blog as if its own own creation. Just changing few words here and there will not make your content original. If you have been thinking of doing this, be warned, you will not survive long in the blogosphere.
There is only way you can create original and convincing content and ensure that your Blogging Makes Money. It’s by writing from your experience; and the only way to create experience is to be a part of what you are writing about. You will never be able to write convincing content using other people’s experience.

Don’t Just Write, Have a Conversation

Everybody loves to have a good conversation. But it is practically impossible for you as a blogger to have one to one conversation with millions of readers out there who are searching for what you have to offer. That’s why it’s important for you as a blogger to learn to use written words to have a conversation with your readers ’24 by 7’.
Remember, the way we write and the way we speak are totally different. We need to learn how to speak with our readers using written words, not just write for them.
You Need to Work Hard to Write Content that Really Benefits Your Readers
Have you ever read a content that was good, yet something was missing? It did not answer all the questions that you were looking for? It was because the blogger did not write it for you, he had written the content for himself. This creates a huge gap between the blogger and the reader. As we talked above, you should become redundant, nothing should be left hanging in the air. You  need to anticipate as many questions as possible that can arise on the title that you are writing on. Hand hold the reader and take them one step at a time towards the solution that they are seeking. Make it an experience that they will cherish and talk about among their friends.
That’s it. If you follow the above steps, soon you will be able to start writing blogs that are interesting.
Now you are ready to start punching your keyboard. Let your content flow in a manner that will create an impact on your reader’s life. In the process of providing value to your readers you will start earning money blogging.

Just One More Thing…

Blogging is for everyone, but not everyone is made for blogging.
Yet there is hope if you and me are willing to commit ourselves and blog in a disciplined manner. If you are really looking at earning money from the business of blogging then, you need to create an urgency and a do or die situation.

Begin right now and start churning out quality contents on your blog for your readers to benefit and keep coming back for more.

And Remember, Blogging Makes Money!
What strategy do you follow to create contents that is easy to digest and benefits your readers?

I believe that more than ‘Up-to-the-minute Management and Training Model’ what today’s success oriented individual require is someone to instigate them to think, to re-examine the way they work with a altogether fresh vision. This must be followed by a written plan to ACT on it.

Rakesh Prasad

I believe that more than ‘Up-to-the-minute Management and Training Model’ what today’s success oriented individual require is someone to instigate them to think, to re-examine the way they work with a altogether fresh vision. This must be followed by a written plan to ACT on it.


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